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Five fun family activities with the home printer

There are some brilliant projects using a home printer that all the family can enjoy - especially the kids. Make the most out of your time together with these five fun-filled activities.

1. Calendar printing projects

There are templates available in a ready to use format online, but why not create you own unique designs for each calendar month? After deciding on the designs for the whole year, print them out on matte or glossy paper and arrange it as a desk calendar or wall calendar. You could even print off just one image, such as a doll or a spaceship, and turn it into an individual hanging for the window, car or bedroom door.

2. Party mask printing projects

There's nothing more fun than dressing up and no fancy dress party costume is complete without a mask. Choose an exciting shape to print out (with a pirate hat for example) and incorporate actual pictures of your family members in large sizes. Edit these images and carefully cut out eye holes and a mouth, not forgetting to pierce holes on either side of the mask to allow for tying with soft elastic or string.

3. Art printing projects

From printing puppets to simple outlines, there's endless ways you can incorporate art with the home printer. Some good suggestions include printing out an outline of a picture, via the internet and then paint it however you like or create your own piece of original art via Microsoft Paint.

4. Book printing projects

This is one of the most engaging projects where the whole family can polish up on their creative writing skills. Once the story or poem is complete, add in your own images either via the printer or by drawing them yourselves. Remember to edit all of text on Microsoft Word and print it out as a book with your Epson, hp, Lexmark, Dell or Canon printer.

5. Game printing projects

Whether it's a simple board game inspired from another or a pack of personalised playing cards, all you have to do is create the layout on a photo editor or Paint, and print it out. Forget snakes and ladders why not go for monsters vs aliens?


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