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Planet Ink Club for only &pound5.99 per month

Joining Planet Ink Club means you no longer have to spend a fortune buying ink cartridges when your ink runs out. For a low cost monthly fee, we'll recycle and refill your inkjet cartridges with quality ink as often as you need

How it all works

  1. Join & we'll send you FREEPOST return envelopes for your empty inkjet cartridges.
  2. Return your empty inkjet cartridges via post.
  3. We'll recycle & refill your cartridges with quality ink & deliver direct to your door, ready for use.


Have the freedom to print whatever you want, without worrying about the high cost of buying ink cartridges, meaning you can print assignment, birthday cards or even share photos with family and friends.


The cost effective way to print - Planet Ink Clubs ink cartridge recycling service offers massive savings against high street prices.


Planet Ink Club is the eco-friendly way to print. Recycling ink cartidges means you can carry on printing while reducing your impact on the environment.

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